22 March 2012

Time to Wait

It's that time. The home study is done, the family profile complete. We're officially in the waiting room, waiting to be chosen by a birth family.

The last time around, the 'waiting room' was undoubtedly the most challenging part of the process. We were incredibly anxious. In fact, I distinctly remember the day our wait began. We hung up the phone with Pact and held our breath... maybe 'the call' would come right away?! The wait seemed like forever (in reality it was 6 months, which is actually pretty good). 

We are of course extremely excited about this second adoption, but the anticipation is a bit different this time around. Not sure if this is because we are focused on parenting Ezra (who can be quite the handful) as opposed to anticipating what parenting might be like; or perhaps because we know a bit more of what to expect. The 'call' could happen in a matter of weeks, but this is not something we really anticipate happening. Much more likely will be a wait of at least a couple of months. It could be a year or more.

Because Pact does not typically work with families living overseas, it will be interesting to see how birth families respond to the idea that we live in Cambodia. Some may see it as exotic, others may see it as weird.

As of this moment, I feel prepared to wait. But then again, let's see how I feel in a couple of months. I'll keep you posted.

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